Energy saved is energy gained.

According to Assocham, energy-efficient electrical appliances can save over ₹ 1.2 lakh crore annually for India. Energy-efficient electrical appliances used in household and commercial establishments can save about 20,000 MW of power per year, resulting in savings of capital investment on new power plants besides transmission and distribution infrastructure, according to power sector experts.

On the consumer's side, representing a thriving economy and a growing middle class, India is one of the world's most active markets. Conscious of the severe electricity shortage and the inefficient use of power, Indian consumers are fast turning to efficient Electric Enduse Devices (EEDs) for their homes and small businesses. A lot of global manufacturers of EEDs have already entered the Indian market. Similarly, many Indian firms are collaborating with counterparts in other countries, while some are relying on their own R&D, to develop the next generation of EEDs. Some of these product categories include lighting, air conditioning, refrigerating, cabling, green technology, etc.

A new system using
alternative energy,
including solar,
wind and biomass,
is fast emerging as a
popular means of
generating electricity
in India.

It all comes together at


HITEX presents the renewed exposition of "ElectriExpo" in Hyderabad dedicated to low voltage electricity devices. In keeping with the energy needs of our times, the event will bring under one roof the latest energy efficient, environment-friendly and sustainable devices and products for the industrial and consumer markets.

By 2021, India’s power consumption is estimated at approximately 1300 TWh against an earlier estimate in 2011 of 700 TWh. Considering how a mere estimate differed vastly in only two years, it may be concluded that statistics remain a guiding force to a future where human behavior will continue to be unpredictable. In reality, we have no idea of the latest inventions and ideologies of 2021 and how they will change our lives. But we do know that technology is here to stay and thus, we continue selling to those who are ready to move ahead with technology.

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